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How to become an AOK app user

How to register for the AOK App and use Mustr, Log-e, or Skeds

Updated over a week ago

Only individuals invited to AOK by their organization can register for the App.

⚠️ If you have not received a welcome text, contact your leadership to add you to the organization. The text would have come from 833-949-3191.

If you are not an Adyton client but would like to learn more, you can click here.

00:29s My welcome link has expired. How do I get the app?

1. Your welcome text has a link to register for the AOK App.

If the link has passed its expiration date, don't worry!

You can request a new link to register for the app at the bottom of every Mustr, or if you open a Mustr you already answered. This will text a new link for you to register.

2. Click the link in the text and enter your email address (it can be personal; you will need to access it immediately). Click Roger.

3. Check your email!

4. Click confirm email to verify your email address. This will take you to the app store, where you can download the AOK app.

Once you have registered for the AOK app, you will receive a text telling you we will no longer send SMS messages for your Mustrs.

*You will still get SMS messages if there is an issue delivering to your app*

5. Now that you have registered your email and downloaded the AOK app, you can log in!

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