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AOK Website Access

Government Workstations blocking

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AOK website access is available for all users, however it may be most useful for Org Leaders, Org Admins, Org Messengers, or Team Leaders.

Additionally, there is an option for your Mustr messages to email users if you need end-user access on a computer. It will send to the email on file based on their registration. Please reach out to to talk about this option.

Here are the website webpages:

** Many Navy users can access the web page on NMCI by holding down CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+2 once on the page.

Each unit location and Department of Defense (DoD) platform has its own requirements for gaining access to the webpage. We are committed to working closely with our users and various bases, shipyards, and IT systems to address any access issues. If you are experiencing issues, please follow the steps outlined below:

Not able to access either version of the webpage?

Here are the steps to begin unblocking the webpage:

  1. Contact to ensure we are not already in process with your location.

  2. Open an IT/ Trouble ticket asking to have access to this webpage (

    1. *It must be escalated to someone who can include all URLs in the Menlo Security allow list below.

  3. Reach out to Mustr with any follow-up questions or issues for support!

The current webpage, is available on non-military devices, including phone browsers.

AOK URLs to allowlist V3


Some DoD Agencies use a proxy PAC file to configure the routing of websites via a Secure Proxy. One of the tools in the proxy path is Menlo Security’s Remote Browser Isolation product. At the time of this writing Menlo RBI is blocking the loading & functionality Mustr Web. This may be related to our use of the cross platform web framework Flutter. It’s possible that Menlo RBI is not compatible with Flutter’s WebGL rendering. In addition to Menlo, departments also use Palo Alto Application Firewalls. We need to be sure that the department’s IT support adds our Application URLs as “Military” classification or AOK Web may get blocked.

Required Action

To work around this, Mustr Web must be able to load all of it’s dependent URLs and Subdomains.

For Example the web Proxy Auto Configuration “PAC” file must send requests for all Mustr Web assets directly to the internet:

// Any requests for a Mustr Web resource or dependancy // will be sent direct to the Internet. if (* | etc.. etc. ) return "DIRECT";

AOK Web URLS to allowlist:

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