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Government Workstations blocking

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AOK website access is only available to those who are designated "Org Leader" or "Team Leader" within your organization.

*There is an option for your Mustr messages to email users if you need end-user access on a computer. It will send to the email on file based on their registration. Please reach out to to discuss this option.

UPDATE 10.15.23 is now unlocked on all AFNET computers!

Navy users can access the web page on NMCI by holding down CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+2 once on the page.

DHA users, we are working with DISA to get the additional URLs whitelisted.

UPDATE 9.11.23

Mustr webpage has moved to a new URL following our migration to Gov Cloud! Please note our new webpage is located at

Some users have been experiencing issues accessing this webpage on their government workstations due to security settings within government systems. Here are the steps to begin unblocking the webpage:

  1. Contact to ensure we are not already in process with your location.

  2. Open an IT/ Trouble ticket asking to have access to this webpage (

    1. *It must be escalated to someone who can include all URLs in the Menlo Security allow list below.

  3. Reach out to Mustr with any follow-up questions or issues for support!

The current webpage, is available on non-military devices, including phone browsers.

Mustr Web Whitelist URLs

The following list of URLs should be whitelisted by agencies in their PAC file so that will load properly.









Specific Host Names

++++++++++ GET Requests ++++++++++

++++++++++ POST Requests ++++++++++

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