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Respond to Mustr messages in App
Respond to Mustr messages in App

This article explains the different types of Mustrs, questions, and how to respond

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This article discusses how to respond to different types of Mustrs within the teams you are part of. It is important to understand what to do given the different types of messages so that you play your role in communication.

Items discussed:

What is a Mustr

A Mustr is simply a message sent by an ORG LEADER or [team] LEADER to your mobile device via a notification from the AOK app requesting a response in the form of:

  1. Status Check

  2. Broadcast Message

  3. Request for Information (RFI)

How to view Mustrs


  1. Tap the notification on your mobile device, and your AOK app will open the message.


  2. Open the AOK app

    1. View all the Mustrs sent within your teams or messages sent to the entire organization from the landing page

    2. Go to the top right corner to filter Mustrs by team.

***Note: some Mustrs have a deadline by which you need to act or respond***
***Note: if you are an ORG LEADER or [Team] LEADER, you still have to respond to Mustrs, however Status Checks and Broadcast Messages created by you will always be automatically marked for you as either Yes or Acknowledged

Responding to a Status Check

Status checks are used by leaders to check and confirm your safety, perhaps after a negative event.

  1. When you open a Status Check, the question will always be “Are you ok?”

  2. Tap one of the two options that will appear: Yes or No.

  3. Once you select your answer, you will see the sub-option to: Add comment.

  4. When ready, tap Send

Tap the Mustr message in your Mustr log

Choose your response:

Add a comment if you want *These are visible to your command

Don't forget to click Send!

Responding to a Broadcast Message

Broadcast messages are generally used by ORG LEADERS and LEADERS to relay information to you. You will always have to acknowledge receipt.

  1. Open the message and read the message, including clicking through all pages of any attachments.

  2. Tap Acknowledge to ensure the sender knows you have received and read the message.

  3. Tap Add comment if necessary to provide additional information.

Always ensure to acknowledge receipt before the deadline (if any) so that your leaders know you’ve read and understood the broadcast message.

Read the message, and be sure to review all pages of any attachments.

You can leave a comment and acknowledge the message to your command

Responding to a Request for Information (RFI)

Responding to an RFI requires you to answer a series of questions. These are the most complex messages on the Mustr app, but are comparable to regular surveys.

Choose your response for all questions int he RFI

You can leave a comment on individual questions

Be sure to click send at the bottom

You get a thank you screen after you have answered and you are done!

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