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Creating Teams

Use this article to learn how to create a new teams for Mustr.

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With Mustr, creating and deleting permanent or temporary teams is easy and ensures no one in your organization is receiving extraneous or irrelevant information.

4 ways to create a team:

Create a New Team when Inviting a New User (images coming soon!)

How to a new team in the AOK App:

  1. Click the Teams tab in the navigation drawer.

  2. Click the people button in the bottom-right corner.

  3. Name your new team.

  4. Choose if your team has a parent team.

  5. Click 'Add more members' to build out the team.

  6. Choose members by checking the box next to their name.

  7. Use the Search function to find members in larger organizations.

  8. Click 'Confirm' when finished.

  9. Click 'Create' to finish creating your team.

    You can then choose to go back to the teams screen or send a Mustr Message immediately to the new team.

How to create a team from answers to a Mustr message

  1. Send out an RFI message with options for responses, or choose only those who responded (or didn't!) to your broadcast.

  2. Click on the box at the top to highlight everyone and choose "bulk actions" then choose create new team.

  3. Name your team and start messaging!

*This is only available for Org Leaders

Building a Team in Mustr Webpage is the same as in the app.

Using the webpage is easier for building larger teams because you have a keyboard.

  1. Log into Mustr Webpage at

  2. Click on "People."

  3. Click on New Team.

  4. Name your Team.

  5. Click on Add more members.

  6. Search names and choose team participants.

    *You can continue to clear the search and find new users to select without leaving this page to build out the entire team.

  7. Click 'OK' once you have your team members selected.

  8. Click Create.

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