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Data Privacy

Data Privacy Policy FAQs

Updated over a week ago

Mustr takes your Data Privacy seriously. Here are the answers to some common questions and resources for further requests:

What data does Mustr keep?

What happens when I share my contacts with Mustr?

Mustr allows Organization and Team Leaders the option to easily invite new users by accessing their contacts. This information is not stored, and Adyton has no access to the contact information after the new person is invited.

Does Mustr have access to any data on my phone outside of the app?

No. Mustr offers an emergency wipe option for the data stored in the Mustr app only. This is designed to keep U.S. Government information secure. Adyton does not have access to any other memory, storage, or information on your phone.

What happens when I leave a unit that uses Mustr?

Individual organizations are responsible for the timely out-processing of users. If you are receiving Mustrs from a unit you no longer belong to, the first step is to request to be removed by the CO. This only removes your data from the unit. To request to be removed from Mustr's platform, see below:

How do I request Adyton delete my data?

When an organization removes a user, it does not automatically remove the user's data from Adyton systems. This is especially useful for those who transfer to another organization using Mustr. User data is held securely for 12 months after deletion from all organizations before it is removed from Adyton data centers. If you wish to request early deletion, please get in touch with

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