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How to Invite & Remove Users

Org Leaders, Admins and Team Leaders can invite new members to your organization

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Who can manage organization members?

  • Only an Org Leader, Org Admin or Team Leader can invite new users to an Organization

How to invite users to the Org

There are two methods to Invite a user to the app.

Leaders may invite users via either method at the same time. A convenient summary of those users will remain at the top of the screen. There is no limit to the number of contacts or manual entries you can invite at one time.

**For large numbers of users, reach out to your Mustr team to assist with Bulk Upload.

To start, on the top left, click on the three lines, then choose Invite New Users:

  1. Choose People in the Nav Bar

2. Click the plus sign at the bottom right of the screen.

3. Click Invite user to the app

Choose existing org- unless you are a Log-e user inviting a new unit.

Choose how to add the new user: Manually or through your contacts.

Adding Users Manually

You can choose on this screen to either Manually invite (located on the top right) or grant access to your contacts. Here is how to add Manually:

Enter the first name, last name, rank, and cell phone number of the person you are adding and click add.

You may add more than one user at a time. After each entry, you are taken to the invite users page and shown who you have included before sending the invite. Once you have added everyone, you can click Invite- # of users on the bottom right.

Congratulations! You have manually invited a new user to Mustr!

Invite through contacts

To invite using your contacts, instead of clicking Invite Manually, you will click the Allow button on the Invite Users page.

This will take you to your phone's settings, where you will need to allow Mustr to access your contacts. Don't worry! Adyton does not store or use this information in any way.

*While you are here, make sure your notifications are turned on!

Now that you have granted access, you can invite users either manually or using your contacts. I find it easiest to search for the person in my contacts and select them. You may add more than one at a time.

When you have everyone you are invited showing at the top, go ahead and click Invite- # users.

Congratulations! You have invited users using your contacts!

How to remove users from the Org

Open the navigation bar

1) Go to the People screen by clicking on "People" in the navigation bar.

2) Find the person you are removing by either searching or scrolling.

Click on the arrow next to their name.

No arrow? You do not have permission to remove this person.

3) Once in the person's profile click the three dots next to their name.

4) Choose to remove them from the Org

*This will remove them from ALL teams within the organization too.

5) Click confirm

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