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Mustr Message Delivery

Learn the meaning of the delivery buckets and how to try again.

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How do we ensure Mustrs are delivered?

The challenge of delivering Mustrs.

Our clients are located in military bases known for having weak cell phone signals and limited WiFi access. We offer multiple delivery options to ensure your message reaches its intended recipients: SMS, App notification, and even email. But the first try doesn't always deliver and users are stuck in non-delivered status buckets. The current solution is to click 'Remind all' to try again.

Introducing Ensure Delivery: a feature that automatically resends the Mustr after 10 minutes to anyone who didn't receive it initially. This guarantees that individuals out of range will receive a second delivery attempt. Similar to the Remind all function, this automatically runs only on those in buckets that are not successful deliveries.

Ensure Delivery is not turned on for all organizations currently. Reach out here if you'd like to test for your Mustr account.

Understanding the results page after sending a Mustr:

Your Message was received:

Seen: The message was delivered and read, but the user did not acknowledge or respond.

Delivered: The message was delivered, but the user has not opened or read the message.

Message is NOT delivered:

Undelivered: The message was not delivered. The user may have changed their phone number or opted out of SMS messaging. Clicking it the Undelivered bucket will show the error code provided by the phone carrier.

Unavailable: The message was not delivered. The user may have been in a dead zone or in airplane mode when the message was sent.

Unnotified: The message was delivered, but the user is an app user with notifications turned off. They have not opened or read the message and may not know there is one.

Having unnotified users update their notifications settings is key to receiving the Mustr notifications here are steps:

*Clicking 'Remind All' in the bucket will help to re-push the message to those who did not receive it on the first try.

*In some cases App users will receive a text message when sent a reminder

Here is a step-by-step guide to see the responses:

In order to see the delivery results of your Mustr, first click on 'See Results' in your Mustr Log. Only Org Leaders can see this for all Mustrs. Team Leaders can see this for Mustrs they sent to one of their teams.

Once your results screen is open, it will show the responses from your team, and under the word 'Awaiting,' you will find the delivery buckets:

You can click into a specific bucket to view those included in that delivery status. Each bucket has it's own 'Remind All' button to push the message out again.

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